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Mastering blocking and stuttering

Titel: Mastering blocking and stuttering
A Cognitive Approach to Achieving Fluency
Autor: Bodenhamer, Bob G.

Infos:  1. Auflage 2005, 204 Seiten, Crown House Pub Ltd.


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Have you ever wondered why most people who block and stutter do not stammer every time they speak? Indeed, most people who stammer are consistently fluent in certain contexts. When by themselves, speaking to a pet or speaking to a person with whom they are comfortable they speak fluently. This has been a puzzle for people who stammer and for speech pathologists for many years. Now the puzzle has finally been solved by this outstanding new book which details a completely new approach to treating this debilitating condition. Bob Bodenhamer explains that this phenomenon results from the thinking (cognition) of the stammerer as he or she associates speaking with a lot of fear and anxiety about blocking. Most blocking is no more than a panic attack expressed in the muscles that control breathing and speaking. This book both explains the structure of blocking and provides the tools for gaining more fluency.